Lecos LLP is a Kazakhstanian company producing pharmaceutical products, founded in 1998.

The target activity of the company is production of eye, nasal, ear drops and sprays, development and creation of original devices for storage and application of antiseptics (iodine and brilliant green), as well as new forms of storage and application of other pharmaceutical products.
As early as in 1999 the company registered eye drops Taufon® 4%, Timmal® -0,25% and 0,5%, Dexamethasone. Since then the company has been expanding the range of products according to the requirements and wishes of its consumers and of the market in general.
In 2000 the company registered eye drops Neomycin-Opti® 0,5%, Laevomycetine-opti® 0,25% and 0,5%, eye, nasal and ear drops Neodeks®, eye and nasal drops Allergonaf®, nasal drops for children Rhinozol® and Rhinozol-forte® (for adults).
Ear drops Othipol® were registered in 2001.
In 2002 eye drops Dezathrol®, Visor®, Lacrima® were registered, while Taufon®, Dexamethasone and Timmal® -0,25% and 0,5% – were re-registered.
In 2003 there was a re-registration of Neodeks® and Neomycin-opti®.
In 2004 the drops Laevomycetine-opti® 0,25% and 0,5%, Allergonaf®, Rhinozol® and Rinozol-forte® were re-registered, and new Devices for storage and application of spirit solutions of iodine and brilliant green were registered under the names Biomarker®J and Biomarker®B.
The following sprays were registered in 2006: Oxinazin® 0,05% (for adults),Oxinazin® 0,25% (for children) and Oxinazin® 0,01% (for babies), as well as Allergostop® 2%, 4%, both drops and spray.
The year 2009 was marked with registration of eye drops Allerkoget® and re-registration of Biomarker® J and Biomarker® B
The main criterion of the company’s work is the production of pharmaceutical products of high quality under world standards and for affordable price.
The price policy of the company comprises affordability of the products manufactured for all citizens including pensioners and poor families. Therefore, during the crisis time marked with total increase of prices, the management of the company made a decision to hold the price rise for its products, i.e. the prices for products manufactured by the company were not increased, and for some products – were even reduced.

Lecos LLP uses the following to produce drops and sprays:

      • Italian and German equipment,
      • substances made in Switzerland and Germany,
      • containers produced by LOG PLASTIC PRODUCTS (Israel) conforming to the requirements of US FDA

The leading specialist-technologist of Lecos is an expert from Israel

with a rich experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical products.
All the products of the company comply with the requirements of the world’s leading pharmacopoeias and have been receiving only positive feedback from the end users.
No wonder, our clients have indeed appreciated the quality and high medicinal properties of such products as Taufon®, Allergonaf®, Visor®, etc.
In 2005 Lecos, the first out of Kazakhstanian producers of pharmaceutical products was certified for compliance with quality standard ISO 9001:2000. In 2008 the company was re-certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2008. It implies that the company seeks to maintain and improve the quality of the products and management within the company.
Apart from that, Lecos has been awarded with multiple diplomas and certificated confirming the appreciation of the company’s work. For instance, in 2008 Lecos LLP was awarded with an honorary medal «For Strengthening the Commonwealth», which is very important for the company.
For the past 12 years the main achievements of Lecos LLP have been gaining the recognition and exceptionally positive business reputation of the company on the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as competitiveness of the products, which allows the company to grow.
Currently, Lecos LLP is involved in active preparatory work to implement the international standard GMP (good manufactured practice) in its production processes. GMP includes a rather wide range of indicators producers are to comply with. GMP for pharmaceutical producers determines parameter of each production phase — from the choice of materials for the floor in the production facilities and amount of microorganisms per cubic meter of air to employees’ clothing and marking on labels. The implementation of the international GMP standard will let the company advance to a new level of producing pharmaceutical products, which will allow Kazakhstanian consumers to get local products whose quality complies with the world standards of pharmaceutical production.