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Lecoscompany is a Kazakhstanian producer of pharmaceutical products of high quality for an affordable price. Our work is consumers-oriented so that you, when buying our products, could obtain the maximum beneficial effect from high quality medication within the shortest term possible and for a longer period. Also, apart from the healing properties of the products, appreciatean aesthetic and ergonomic package which enables to apply the products in the right dosage and without using additional medication. In addition, it will let you save your money compared to other analogic medication of other producers. Lecos’s motto is «In Kazakhstan, for Kazakhstanians, according to the world standards»! The motto reflects the company’s aim to produce pharmaceutical products in Kazakhstan, for Kazakhstanian consumers and only in accordance with the world standards, which allows to ensure the high quality of the products and their competitiveness.
The range of products currently manufactured by the company has over 20 names of products of various therapeutic effects: anti-microbal, anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory drugs, vasoconstrictors? anti-glaucomous medicines etc. Further information about products manufactured by Lecos LLP, indications, methods of application, recommended dosages and other important details can be obtained in the section of the menu DIRECTORY.
Furthermore, on our webpages you can find the history of Lecos LLP, company news, send all the questions you are interested in regarding the company’s products and receive sound answers, express your wishes for the company’s work, suggestions concerning the products and other things. We always welcome contacts with our clients in order to get information about your suggestions, so that we could consider them when developing and producing new products and promoting them efficients.

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