Dear friends, colleagues and buyers!

“LeCos” Limited Liability Partnership – Kazakhstani pharmaceutical manufacturer, are proud and glad to report that successfully have passed certification on compliance to the international GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice) and have received the GMP certificate.
Manufacture in the conditions of GMP assumes that consumers of medicines – citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan receive safe, high-quality drugs. “LeCos” LLP – as the manufacturer declares and guarantees that the manufactured medicines meet all requirements which are imposed to the quality of these products.
The main objective of “LeCos” LLP from the date of foundation is manufacture of high-quality medicines according to the international standards for the Kazakhstani consumers. The objective of the Company is represented in the Company’s motto – In Kazakhstan, for Kazakhstan citizens, according to the international standards! We have already done a lot for achievement of the objective in view, and we will work further on improvement of quality of the manufactured medicines.

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Yours faithfully, “LeCos” LLP.